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About Mikah

I’ve been a caretaker my entire life. I've always been described as a good listener, someone who enjoys helping others solve problems and knows how to get things done. I recently completed an assignment with my spiritual counselor in which I had to identify my strengths as a small child. The one that jumped off the page was, “I always wanted to do nice things for others." Typical statement of a little girl who grew up to be a nurse, right?  I became a licensed practical nurse at the age of 20, and a registered nurse with an Associate’s Degree at the age of 21. Over a 30 year career as a nurse I worked in several different specialty areas and eventually earned my Master’s degree. The highlights of my career were teaching nursing students at a Pennsylvania State University and working in the emergency room. Providing patient education and advocacy was the best part of my job.


So, like many of us who end up with a chronic disease, a common thread seems to be the statement, “I've been a caretaker my entire life."  Yes, decades of caring for others, and doing little to care for myself, resulted in two inflammatory chronic diseases that surfaced 20 years ago. During my own healing journey, I found the New York Times best-selling book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, and am now applying the 10 healing factors to my daily life. As a result I have found an abundance of physical and spiritual healing. From that beginning I retired from my nursing career, and have traveled forward to become a Certified Wellness Coach, a Certified Yoga Instructor with additional certification in Trauma Informed Somatic Wellness / Stillpoint Method.


What an honor and a privilege it is to create a space for those on a healing journey, and guide others to become more courageous and vulnerable than they ever have before. I find joy in guiding a client into their first day of living their authentic life and onward to a destination of healing. That is a beautiful thing to be a part of. 



 Healing Journey

Somatic Inquiry and Mindfulness

Post-Menopausal Sexuality

Undiagnosable  Syptomology

mikah paddling

Lake Michigan


Paddling reminds me that if you can find your balance, anything is possible.

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