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About Mikah

I’ve been a caretaker my entire life. I've always been described as a good listener, someone who enjoys helping others solve problems and knows how to get things done. I recently completed an assignment with my spiritual counselor in which I had to identify my strengths as a small child. The one that jumped off the page was, “I always wanted to do nice things for others." Typical statement of a little girl who grew up to be a nurse, right?  I became a licensed practical nurse at the age of 20, and a registered nurse with an Associate’s Degree at the age of 21. Over a 30 year career as a nurse I worked in several different specialty areas and eventually earned my Master’s degree. The highlights of my career were teaching nursing students at a Pennsylvania State University and working in the emergency room. Providing patient education and advocacy was the best part of my job.


So, like many of us who end up with a chronic or terminal disease, a common thread seems to be the statement, “I've been a caretaker my entire life."  Yes, decades of caring for others, and doing little to care for myself, resulted in two inflammatory chronic diseases that surfaced 15-16 years ago. I retired from nursing for many reasons, but primarily because of my chronic illness. During my own healing journey, I found the New York Times best-selling book Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, and am now applying the 10 healing factors to my daily life. As a result I have found an abundance of physical and spiritual healing. From that beginning I have gone on to train with the Radical Remission's education team, become a Certified Wellness Coach and a yoga teacher.


What an honor and a privilege it is to create a space for those on a healing journey, and guide others to become more courageous and vulnerable than they ever have before. I find joy in guiding a client into their first day of living their authentic life and onward to a destination of healing. That is a beautiful thing to be a part of. 



Chronic Illness

Cancer Diagnosis

 Inflammation Mitigation

Gastrointestinal Health Challenges

mikah paddling

Lake Michigan


Paddling reminds me that if you can find your balance, anything is possible.

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