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Meet Mikah

Hello! I'm Mikah Simmons, the founder of Voyage Wellness. After a 30-year career in nursing, I followed many signs and prompts that led me to become a Wellness Coach. My first 4 years of coaching have led me to 3 unique "specialties", those being:

1. Teaching survivors of trauma how to regulate their nervous system.

2. Facilitating a jump start for those embarking on a physical or emotional healing journey.

3. Providing education, support and tips to sexually active, post-menopausal women.

Through workshops and/or individual sessions, we will work to guide you to a place of empowerment, develop skills to lighten your emotional and mental load, and nourish the body and mind. 

I guide interactive workshops as well as meeting clients 1:1.
We will work together to determine how to best achieve your goals.

Individual sessions are available via Zoom videoconferencing. Face to face Sessions are conducted at Choose Joy - Wellness Center in New Haven, IN.

45 Minute Discovery Session

I look forward to hearing your personal story when we connect for our discovery session. Together we can determine if Wellness Coaching would be a beneficial addition to your healing team.

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